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Your home is an investment. One of the biggest you’ll ever make. It’s important to make sure, whether you’re buying or selling, that you have someone that you like and trust in your corner.

Why Choose Us?

Local Experts with Global Connections

Berkshire Hathaway is a worldwide brand with over 50,000 different agents, in 1,330 offices. Locally, our offices offer a diversified group of experts, each with their own niche. We know local real estate.

The Personal Touch

Everyone says they have it, but we embody it with each transaction. Last minute couriers, finding out a house is coming on market at a little league game, and making sure the contract has a built in extension for last minute surprises. This isn't just a job, this is who we are.

Deep, Local Roots

Having been in the real estate industry for years our local owners have had a significant hand in developing Champaign and McClean Counties over the better part of the last century. With over $380 million in real estate sold in 2018, we're committed to real estate in Central Illinois. Let us show you just how much.

You did it! You’ve decided. You’re ready to dive into the home ownership pool. Whether this is your first time or you’ve been here before, we want to say congratulations! You’re about to make a major purchase. It’s a detailed process. But there’s no reason for you to be anything but excited. That’s why you’re here – to find an expert to help you through. And that’s why we’re here, too. From start to finish, we’re with you every step of the way.

Selling your home is a big deal! A big deal you only get to make a few times in your life. We’re here for it and you. We’ll make sure your home is well-positioned in the market, priced appropriately, and every detail attended to. It’s our goal to bring your home sale to a smooth and profitable close.

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